Lunch and Dinner


smooth asparagus puree with a touch of cream. – 195

A hearty soup made with sweet corn, potato chunks and bacon.

– P 180 


Everyone’s creamy comfort soup.

– P 280 


A tomato-based chowder with fresh fish chunks, clams,shrimps & bacon.

– P 290 


Not just for babies!

– P 195 



a rice dish like paella, of Creole origins, with sausage, bell pepper, onion and celery topped with shrimp, squid,clams and mussels.

– 700

Large tiger prawns in paprika garlic oil; served with focaccia or rice .

– P 700


Broiled salmon with Japanese miso glaze, sautéed bok choy & buttered rice.

– P 650 


Salmon fillet baked in soy sauce, calamansi & extra virgin olive with roasted garlic slivers; plain rice.

– P 610 


Fresh fish fillet strips coated in batter & fried until crisp; French fries.

– P 630 


Skewers of plump sea bream chunks, tomatoes, green bell pepper & red onion; served with vegetable fried rice.

– P 650 


thinly sliced fish fillet seasoned with lemon, coated with bread crumbs and fried in butter until golden brown; lemon butter sauce; creamed spaghetti.

– 66O



succulent thinly-pounded breaded chicken breast fried in butter & tossed in lemon butter sauce; lightly creamed spaghetti.
– P480

Grilled bone-in chicken brushed with soy glaze; vegetable fried rice.

– P 410 

boneless chicken leg spread with garlic paste under the skin, grilled until the skin is browned; romaine lettuce, roasted tomatoes, creamed zucchini

– 390


Deep-fried, breaded tender chicken breast strips served with spaghetti tomato sauce.

– P 300 


U.S. Choice CAB prime rib steak browned with its toasted bits of fat crisped potatoes tossed with cheese and 3 matching sauces – can definitely be shared! blue cheese butter // bois baudran sauce // chimichurri sauce.

– P 500 / 100g 

A 300-gram steak cut from a U.S. choice beef top blade quickly cooked on the griddle with herb butter; cherry tomato-Worcestershire-balsamic sauce; french fries.

– P 1500 

Fork-tender beef brisket slow-cooked for 6 hours in aromatics & deep Flavors SHARING 850 / SOLO


Perfect any time of day! Browned corned beef chunks sautéed with onions & tomatoes plus 2 sunny side eggs; potato bread rolls or rice.

– P 550 


Beef tips sautéed salpicao style with lots of garlic and dash of paprika.

– P 395 


Baked in a tent, grilled & basted with buffalo sauce and its drippings; served with mashed potato, asparagus and carrots.

– P 595 


1¼”-thick grilled pork chop brined for 24 hours, seasoned with spices; mashed potato; apple, cucumber & carrot slaw > 18 min. cooking time.

– P 510 

Prices are inclusive of 12% VAT and subject to 10% service charge.